Driving the change towards e-mobility: SEG Automotive expands its electrification product portfolio to e-motors for electric two- and three-wheelers

48V e-machine EM 1.8 for light electric mobility like rickshaws

  • SEG Automotive to introduce two new electrification products at Auto Expo Components 2020.
  • Best in class efficiency and reliability support fast shift towards eco-friendly urban mobility.
  • Market specific development: Products designed to meet requirements of tough road conditions of Asian market.

The transition towards eco-friendly mobility is a global challenge, which hinges on many issues – from battery price, production and capacity to green power production and a sufficient charging infrastructure. Compared to passenger cars, electrifying two- and three-wheelers has a much lower barrier of entry. It provides a quick solution to reducing urban pollution and CO2-emissions, particularly in India and other Asian markets. At Auto Expo Components 2020 in Delhi, India, SEG Automotive is introducing two new products for this fast growing segment: An 8 kW e-motor for e-autos and a 5 kW e-motor for two-wheelers. Both will feature best in class efficiency and reliability and promote a faster shift towards eco-friendly mobility.

In South-East Asia a large proportion of individual mobility is accounted for by two or three-wheelers (motorcycles, autos and rickshaws) – as an example, the Indian city of Bangalore alone has more than 5 million two wheelers on the road. “Unlike electric passenger cars, which are currently not ideal in these markets due to a high total cost of ownership and a lack of charging infrastructure, light electric vehicles make sense for society and the individual consumer on an immediate basis: They have a direct impact on reducing urban pollution and CO2 emissions. They do not depend on a charging infrastructure, as they can be charged at home during the night and a fully charged battery is largely enough for daily driving needs. Finally, they are highly competitive in terms of total cost of ownership due to much smaller batteries (3 to 5 kWh) as local subsidies. SEG Automotive first entered this market with a highly efficient motor for e-rickshaws in 2019, which is now in series production with various customers. Now we will expand our product portfolio to cover the entire two- and three-wheeler segment with the new EM 1.8 for e-autos as well as the EM 1.5 for 2-wheelers,” states Mr. Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India Private Limited.

Efficient, reliable and safe driving experience for e-autos and electric 2-wheelers

For an e-motor to be a real alternative, it needs to be efficient and competitively priced yet reliable. SEG Automotive’s new EM 1.8 with 8kW power output for e-Autos (L5) and EM 1.5 with 5 kW power output for 2-wheelers bring all these factors to the table – and more. “The e-machines are best in class in regards to efficiency, thus increasing range and further reducing the total cost of ownership. Their high power density combines compact packaging with a great responsiveness. This fun driving experience is further enhanced by an advanced electromagnetic design, which prevents cogging torque,” states Mr. Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India Private Limited. Both the EM 1.5 & EM 1.8 also stand for safe, reliable mobility. Their drive control system ensures functional safety according to global standards providing safe operation all the time. Specific protection features and increased robustness enable the e-machines to easily withstand the tough operating conditions on Indian roads. Series production for the EM 1.8 and EM 1.5 will start later this year in India for the domestic and overseas market.

Efficient electrification and hybridization to reduce global CO2 emissions

The new products for the Asian market are another important step in the supplier’s roadmap to decrease global CO2 emissions from vehicles by delivering efficient solutions – regardless of the powertrain technology. SEG Automotive also recently introduced the next generation of 48V products, which anticipate the growing demands of the automotive industry: a substantial upgrade of the Boost Recuperation Machine, which replaces the generator in its position on the belt to turn any conventional car into a much more efficient 48V hybrid. And the new EM 1.25 product range, which offers even greater saving potential and with 25 kW enables comprehensive 48V e-driving functionality – from mild hybrids to compact 48V electric cars.

EM 1.25 key feature overview

  • Architecture: Rear-axle (P4) or gear-box (P2, P3)
  • Output: 25 KW
  • Potential CO2 savings: Up to 26% compared to conventional cars, up to 19% compared to cars with Start/Stop
  • Engine design: 6-phase PMSM for very high efficiency and performance
Electric motor EM 1.25 on 48V basis with 25KW power
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