SEG Automotive Product Portfolio Overview

From two-wheelers to heavy commercial vehicles – reliable efficiency with the highest production quality

As a technology leader for starters and alternators as well as for 48V mild hybridization, SEG Automotive is an expert in the field of rotating machines. From 12V to 48V to high-voltage electric machines, we are your ideal global supplier to increase the efficiency of your powertrain.

Our broad, flexible and scalable product portfolio offers you reliable electrification solutions on an industrial scale. Whether your goal is full electrification or cost-efficient optimization of fleet consumption to meet CO2 regulations, we have the right e-machine for you – from powerful e-bike/pedelec motors to drives for light electric vehicles and machines for passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles.

Our products meet the toughest requirements for different motor types and application scenarios: long operating times, frequent start/stop operations, dust, mud, water, hot and cold temperatures – we can cover all operating situations.

SEG Automotive has more than 100 years of experience in the development and industrial production of e-machines. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) all over the world value us as a reliable and long-term business partner. They benefit from our global production network, which delivers high-performance, durable and competitive products with uniform quality standards.

We combine global customer teams with on-site application development and local partners. From performance specification and series launch to post-series support and spare parts business: We are the motor for the mobility of today and tomorrow!

High voltage traction solutions

Our efficient high voltage automotive e-machines are based on more than 100 years of experience in developing and producing rotating machines.

At SEG Automotive, we commit ourselves to an electrified future of mobility. Given today's challenges of the greenhouse effect and air pollution, electrification of the powertrain is essential for the automotive industry.

We are a driver of this transformation thanks to our many years of experience in the production of e-machines.

Our scalable high-voltage concepts enable rapid adaptation to various customer applications – from core electric motor components such as stators and rotors of the highest quality to complete, efficient traction machines, powerful inverters and complete electric axles for cars and commercial vehicles.

High Voltage Traction Solutions Details

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary motors and high-voltage relays complement our range of high-voltage applications for electric vehicles.

A growing number of small auxiliary motors are being used in the overall e-vehicle system, and their design in terms of efficiency, weight and size has an impact on the vehicle's performance.

High-voltage relays are sometimes responsible for crucial switch-on or switch-off processes where reliability is essential.

For both applications, SEG Automotive customers benefit from the company's many years of expertise in the field of e-machines.

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E-Machines for Mild Hybrids

Plug&play solution for higher efficiency: Our 48V E-machines save up to 25% CO2 by hybridizing conventional powertrains and can enable full electrification of light vehicles.

Our Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) transforms any conventional internal combustion engine into an efficient mild hybrid with minimal effort: by replacing the 12V generator with the 48V BRM, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced significantly.

The EU has officially recognized the BRM as an eco-innovation, which enables manufacturers to receive additional CO2 credit and further reduce their fleet consumption.

Simply ‘swapping’ in the BRM on the belt drive (P0) already brings up to 15% CO2 savings. These can be boosted even further with our 48V Electric Machine (EM). It can be flexibly integrated into any powertrain, for example on or in the transmission as well as on the rear axle, and power additional driving features and a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 25%.

E-Machines for Mild Hybrids Details

Light Electric Mobility

System for high performance electric two-wheelers & three-wheelers: Our LEM Machines and Controllers are highly efficient which offers enhanced user experience with multiple drive modes that give enough stability on road.

The electrification of light vehicles like two-wheelers and three-wheelers is estimated to grow significantly over the next years. The main driver for this development is the benefit in terms of total cost of ownership the electric variant offers over the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts.

SEG Automotive has developed LEM series of motors and controllers especially for light electric mobility. Thanks to the modular concept, compact packaging and high power to weight ratio, these chassis mount e-motors can be flexibly and easily integrated in the powertrain of two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This includes support for different drive configurations and customizable controllers for various drive modes, which offer flexibility and enhance user experience.

Our portfolio consists of e-axles, various HUB-Motor solutions, Mid-Motor solutions, controllers and additional components like batteries.

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E-Bicycle/Pedelec machines

E-Bike Motor: Our mid-mounted automotive quality drive motor. Light, quiet and high power density e-bike drive.

E-bikes are en vogue: the combination of sporty outdoor activity with adjustable pedal assistance appeals to target groups of all ages.

Accordingly, SEG Automotive has used its expertise in the field of electric motors of all sizes and strengths to develop a powerful and balanced motor: The high-power density ebike motor developed by our team, introducing us to the growing electric bike market and further establishing our LEM portfolio.

Customizable software, ad-hoc design and flexible integration for an e-drive that pushes the boundaries for our customers and consumers.

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Our power plants.

SEG Automotive offers a broad range of high efficiency generators for any power requirements, which keep the vehicle’s electrical system stable despite a growing number of electrical consumers and contribute to reaching CO2 targets.

Generators Details
SEG Automotive generators detail

Starter Motors

We get you on the move.

Reliable start at desert or arctic temperatures, in start/stop mode at high speeds or with frequent re-starts for delivery vehicles: Our starter motors for passenger car and commercial vehicle satisfy even the toughest demands.

Starter Motors Details
SEG Automotive Starter Motors Production