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Who we are.

Who we are.

Global partner for the automotive industry


As a technological pioneer, we have been driving forward advances in the product area of starter motors and generators for more than a century. We develop solutions for today and tomorrow – for both combustion engines as well as electrification.

It is precisely this developmental expertise that has resulted in our competitive range of products – effective, durable products that we produce thanks to robust series processes with strict, uniform, globally applicable quality standards.

Our actions are shaped by a sense of responsibility: Our products already provide a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under real conditions. We are a reliable global partner for our customers and, as esteemed employer, we offer international development opportunities to our employees.

In addition, we are a global organization: Our more than 8,000 employees work together as a team across cultural and geographical boundaries at 16 sites around the world.

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What we do.


What we do.

From start to finish – our products accompany you along the way


No matter whether you use the ignition key or the start button – there's every chance one of our products is in action, even as you start your journey. As a global automotive supplier, we develop and produce more than just the starter motor.

During the journey, our generators reliably and efficiently supply energy to all electrical and electronic consumers in your vehicle – from ABS and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to the entertainment system to Internet connection (connectivity).
And as you continue, our start/stop starter motors restart your engine instantly and just as gently after it came to a halt.

In the future, our Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) - now launched in the first vehicle models - will regenerate the energy created whenever you apply the brakes in your vehicle, making it available the next time you accelerate. Lastly, the engine is switched off almost imperceptibly just before the vehicle comes to a standstill and restarted again smoothly. The two processes help to cut fuel consumption.

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Our team.

Our team.

International, interdisciplinary teamwork as key pillar for success.

With our global teams we develop innovative customer oriented solutions that are synonymous with German Engineering. Our employees benefit from attractive conditions of employment, flexible working hours, international growth opportunities and a broad range of benefits.

SEG Automotive as an employer

How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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