SEG Automotive e-axles – the smart way to electrify vehicles.

Revolutionize the performance of your vehicle with our advanced e-axles. Experience maximum efficiency and power delivery, seamlessly integrated for a smoother driving experience. Unlock the future of mobility with our advanced e-axle technology, developed for both electric and hybrid vehicles. Enhance your driving experience with our innovative e-axles that set new standards in sustainability and performance.

Our e-axle is a compact drive unit that seamlessly integrates the electric motor, power electronics and transmission into the system housing:

  • Electric Motor: Responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical power.
  • Power Electronics: Converts direct current from the battery into the alternating current required by the motor.
  • Transmission (Gearbox): Transmits the motor’s speed to the vehicle’s axle, driving the wheels.

SEG Automotive offers compact, cost-effective, scalable and highly efficient e-drive systems for many applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sector.

Scalable e-axles

High Voltage E-Axle

  • Voltage: 400V/800V (180V - 920V)
  • Power: up to 300 kW
  • Torque: up to 4500 Nm
  • Efficiency: up to 94.5%
  • Functional Safety and Cyber Security for application for PC/CV.
  • Scalable architechture for best cost performance ratio and global availability.
  • Optional functions like mechanical park lock, decoupler, boost converter, pump controller