Auxiliary Equipment – powering vehicle support functions

The change towards an electrified future goes beyond powertrain electrification. After all, a modern car requires a variety of additional e-machines, e.g. for windshield wipers, pumps, or the air-conditioning compressor. In an all-electric vehicle, the performance and efficiency of these e-machines directly influences driving range and experience.

At SEG Automotive, we employ our long time experience in developing automotive e-machines to also offer tailored solutions for auxiliaries. With compact packaging and high flexibility in terms of voltage level and as output power, our e-machines for auxiliaries can cover a wide range of application requirements.


As a leading manufacturer of Starter Motors, we have been producing reliable relays for decades.

High Voltage relays are needed throughout electric vehicle. In the charging system, for example, or to control auxilliaries.

For this wide variety of applications, we offer reliable relays in the range of 450V to 1.500V and 20A to more than 500A that fulfill the highest safety standards.

Auxiliary Equipment

High voltage e-machines for auxiliaries

  • Highest machine efficiency and power density allowing very compact packaging
  • Customized e-machines for various application and voltage level
  • Scalable output power, flexible speed-torque performance
  • Optimized electromagnetic design for better Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) performance
  • Oil or water cooled, or others depending on use case (e.g. AC compressor)
  • Powerful design process in place creating customized e-machines
  • Flexible production concept handles different types of e-machines
  • Delivery scope includes entire e-machines, subassemblies and components

High voltage relay

  • Anti short circuit capacity through a special design for the contact bolt
  • Anti-contact welding developed with a ceramic brazing sealing and hydrogen filling
  • Strong switch off capacity by using a special spring design to increase the switch off force
  • Low Noise feature (optional) to fulfill different noise requirements
  • Long time experience in relay production