We are the motor to electrify light electric vehicles of all classes

Robust and Reliable solutions from SEG Automotive, built for tough operating conditions with low total cost of ownership.

SEG Automotive offers a complete portfolio of light electric mobility (LEM) e-machines and controllers for every application: For use in two-wheelers or three-wheelers such as e-auto's and rickshaws. Our powerful solutions with different powerclasses and installation topologies enable electric driving functions and significantly contribute to a cleaner planet.

Our machines produce zero tailpipe emissions during operation. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, which emit pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter, electric vehicles help improve air quality in urban areas by eliminating direct air pollutants while driving.

At the same time, they are more energy-efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles. They convert a higher percentage of the energy from the grid into actual vehicle movement. This is particularly helpful in dense city traffic with traffic jams and stop-and-go traffic, where short acceleration phases are repeatedly followed by braking and standstill phases.