Our 48V mild hybrid e-machines: the easy way to reduce CO2 emissions

SEG Automotive offers you efficient 48V solutions to realize mild hybrid functionality. Together, our Plug&Play Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) and our highly flexible EM platform can cover virtually all requirements for a CO2 efficient 48V powertrain can be covered.

The BRM transforms any conventional internal combustion engine into an efficient mild-hybrid with minimal effort: The 48V BRM replaces the 12V generator in its space on the drive belt (P0 topology), so there is no need for extensive application effort orcomplex and expensive high-voltage protection systems or wiring harnesses.

As a result, the BRM offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – up to 15% under real world driving conditions – at very low overall cost.

The BRM is so efficient that it has been recognized as an EU eco-innovation. This enables manufacturers to receive an additional credit of up to 1.4g CO2/km (WLTP).

For even higher demands, our 48V e-machine (EM) unlocks further savings and e-driving potential. It allows recuperation comparable to high voltage HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) level and therefore CO2 reductions up to 25%, but at a much lower cost. With > 25 kW generating power, the e-machine is also powerful enough to provide a meaningful boost to support the combustion engine, or even allow for fully electric driving at low speeds.

The EM machines for 48V are part of our flexible e-machine concept, which allows us to leverage economies of scale. We have a high performance toolchain in place to fulfil the specific needs of our customer application with high efficiency and reliability. This spans the entire product lifecycle – from established processes in application and software development to robust manufacturing – leading to customized solutions at competitive prices.

48V Mild Hybrid E-Machines

48V Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM)

Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM)

  • up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (real world driving conditions)
  • 48V power supply high-performance consumers (e.g. roll stabilizer, electronic brake booster etc.)
  • Recuperation of braking energy, boost and comfort start function for extremely smooth start/stop operations
  • Coasting at high speeds with the engine turned off
  • Redundancy by additional 48V electrical system for autonomous driving safety requirements
Vehicle electric motor as scalable platform from 48V/mild hybrid to high voltage

48V Electric Machine (EM)

  • Recuperates energy, saves fuel
  • Up to 25% CO2 reduction in WLTP and real world
  • >25 kW generating power, >20 kW boosting, liquid cooled
  • Visibly reduces CO2 emissions at attractive costs
  • Extra driving power via electric boosting
  • Allows pure electric driving in certain situations (e-coasting and others)
  • Compact packaging and integrated electronics