Glass vehicle at red light with close up on 48V Boost Recuperation Machine
About us

Shaping past, present and future of mobility.

With our engineering expertise and operational excellence, we have continuously been driving technological progress in our industry.

We deliver solutions for today's and tomorrow's market requirements. More than 100 years ago, our starter motors and generators revolutionized how vehicles are used in everyday life. As inventors of Start/Stop and pioneers of 48V mild hybridization, we make present day combustion engines considerably more efficient and climate-friendly.

Inspired by our passion for innovation, we are working tirelessly to extend our technological leadership to e-mobility and develop competitive products for the future of transportation.

In all our actions, we are pursuing a clear goal: to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions with our solutions.

Reliable partner for the automotive industry.

As a global supplier, we combine flexible on-site development and manufacturing with global know-how and mature processes in purchasing, production and logistics. We have established trusting relationships with many of our customers over decades, and our system knowledge enables us to contribute to the development process from an early stage.

Modular products for global vehicle platforms

Our broad product portfolio covers the diverse worldwide requirements of our customers – from entry-level segment to premium solutions, for passenger cars as well as for very different application scenarios in the commercial vehicle sector. Our products are characterized not only by their robustness, reliability and flexibility, but also make a significant contribution to improving the vehicles' fuel efficiency and CO2 footprint.

Quality. Made by SEG Automotive.

Uniform global quality is a key element of our operational excellence. Our Automotive Quality Management system ensures worldwide standards and full compliance with international automotive norms and requirements (such as IATF 16949).

Our Quality Policy and Quality Principles combine preventive quality assurance and continuous process improvements with a quality mindset throughout our organization: Quality is a responsibility of every employee at SEG Automotive, from our apprentices to the executive board, at manufacturing plants as well as in all governance functions.

Through this strong framework, we continue to satisfy and exceed customer expectations – as we have done for more than a century.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of our DNA

SEG Automotive is not a company that will change the world – or save the climate – on its own. But that does not mean we cannot make a difference: It is one of the core values of our DNA to be guided by a sustainability mindset.

We strive to minimize any negative consequences of our business activities while amplifying our positive impact on the industry and beyond. This starts with our core business: By end of 2024, there will be 90 million cars on the road powered by products from our especially fuel-saving, high-efficiency product families. Compared to conventional products, these vehicles are saving more than 16 million tons of CO2 every year - and we continue to be a motor for accelerating the transformation towards sustainable, electrified mobility.

We also recognize our potential – and responsibility – in the social sphere: As a caring employer, a reliable business partner, and as a company that makes a positive contribution to the communities around our locations. You can read more about our activities in our brand new Corporate Social Responsibility report.


SEG Automotive Executive Board.

Georg Brasch, CFO of automotive supplier SEG Automotive

  • Ferdinando Sorrentino, Chief Executive Officer

  • Georg Brasch, Chief Financial Officer
Supervisory Board

SEG Automotive Supervisory Board.

The SEG Automotive supervisory board members

From left to right:

  • Lingyun Yan, Shareholder Representative
    New Neckar Autoparts Holdings GmbH
  • Lydia Huang, Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
    Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (ZMJ)
  • Chairman Jiao, Shareholder Representative
    Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (ZMJ)
  • Michael Froehlich, Employee Representative
    Works Commitee SEG Automotive Germany, Stuttgart
  • Jia Hao, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (ZMJ)

Global network, worldwide growth.

We are where our customers are: With over 6,500 employees in 14 countries in the world's most important automotive markets. Our global team combines the highest levels of engineering and production competence - and works closely together across cultural and national borders.

This cross-location cooperation not only offers each individual employee unique opportunities to advance their career. It also enables us to consistently find the right answers to changing requirements and implement new ideas quickly. The result: competitive products and a sustainable, balanced growth – across all regions and product categories.

World map with SEG Autmotive locations