Purchasing Documents

Document Name Language Document Category Actions
Supplier Application English Supplier application
IMDS Supplier Specification English Norms
Supplier Initiated Change Request English Change Request
Supplier Manual Logistics English Logistics manual
N2580-1 Prohibition and declaration of substances English Norms
Terms and Conditions English Purchasing conditions
Terms and Conditions Software English Purchasing conditions
Terms and Conditions United States English Purchasing conditions
Business Code of Conduct English Code of Conduct
Data Privacy Information for Suppliers English Purchasing conditions
Lieferantenhandbuch Logistik German Logistics manual
Verbot und Deklaration von Inhaltsstoffen German Norms
Einkaufsbedingungen German Purchasing conditions
Einkaufsbedingungen Software German Purchasing conditions
Datenschutzhinweise für Lieferanten German Purchasing conditions
Delivery Schedule Message_DELFOR.D.04A English EDI-Guidelines
Tracking Number Assignment Report Appendix based on DESADV.D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
Tracking Number Assignment Report based on_DESADV.D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
Despatch Advice Message_DESADV.D.97A English EDI-Guidelines
Despatch Advice Message Appendix_DESADV.D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
Despatch Advice Message_DESADV.D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
Invoicing Processes_INVOIC.D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
Self billing Invoicing Processes_INVOIC_SBI_D.07A English EDI-Guidelines
JIT Delivery Instruction_DELJIT.D.04B English EDI-Guidelines
Purchase Order Response Message_ORDRSP_D.05B English EDI-Guidelines
Purchase Order Message_ORDERS_D.05B English EDI-Guidelines
Inventory report message_INVRPT.D.13A English EDI-Guidelines
IATF_Minimum Automotive QMS Requirements Sub-tier-suppliers English Customer Requirements
Volkswagen_Formula Q_Capability Appendix English Customer Requirements
Volkswagen_Customer Specific Requirements English Customer Requirements