SEG Automotive joins TecDoc, enabling faster and easier access to our Aftermarket products.

After becoming an independent company in 2018, we intensified our existing Aftermarket activities that had started under Bosch and introduced the SEG Automotive brand to the Aftermarket. Behind this seemingly ‘new’ brand stand more than a hundred years of development and manufacturing experience in the Original Equipment (OE) segment. Therefore, the reliability of our products is well known among Original Equipment Services, but still relatively new in the Independent Aftermarket.

To make our product portfolio more visible in this business segment, we are now a TecDoc data supplier. From today, all our starter motors and alternators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are listed in the TecDoc catalog by TecAlliance, one of the world’s leading spare parts catalog for the automotive Aftermarket. TecDoc provides product data for vehicle part identification to manufacturers, dealers and workshops, in a format established as the market standard. This gives us a broader reach out to the market, and allows our customers to get a straightforward access to our Aftermarket products.

For more information, see this interview with Verena Eder, Senior Manager Aftermarket Product Management and Marketing at SEG Automotive, about the role of TecDoc for the future of SEG Automotive in the Independent Aftermarket, the challenges of electrification, and SEG Automotive’s ambitions in the automotive Aftermarket.

We have also launched our own online product catalog with a detailed overview of our rotating machines, accessible directly on our Aftermarket webpage. The catalogue showcases our entire product portfolio and includes part numbers from all our regions worldwide.

In combination, our customers now have multiple avenues to find the right product for their use case.