Partnership with Partslife to ensure sustainable packaging

Sustainability is a core value in our SEG Automotive DNA. To make sure our aftermarket packaging and processes are sustainable, SEG Automotive is now partnering with Partslife.

SEG Automotive Aftermarket products and boxes

Sustainability has become a key concern in the automotive aftermarket industry, especially regarding packaging. Legislation in the EU is also pushing for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions to reduce waste and promote recycling.

To make sure our aftermarket packaging and processes are sustainable, we are now partnering with Partslife. Since 1995, they offer expert advice on issues relating to environmental protection, waste, packaging and energy management, as well as occupational health and safety – with a strong focus on the independent aftermarket.

This is especially helpful as we are already active in the aftermarket many European markets and continue expanding our business across borders. With each EU member state having their own regulations, registration systems and packaging requirements, it is valuable to have a partner like Partslife to help us fulfil the legal requirements everywhere we do business.

We are looking forward to this collaboration. And will continue working towards a more sustainable future – with our packaging, business practices and, of course, highly efficient products.