SEG Automotive Product Portfolio Overview

Three product groups – one shared quality: reliability from start to finish.

As the technology leader for starter motors and generators as well as 48V mild hybridization, SEG Automotive is your ideal global supplier to increase the efficiency of your powertrain. Our broad and flexible range of solutions helps you optimize your fleet consumption and reach CO2 legislation targets in a cost-effective manner, both for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Our products meet the toughest requirements. Long periods of use, dust, mud, water, hot and cold temperatures – we have the right solution for any type of engine and application.

Our experience in developing electrical machines and producing them on an industrial scale dates back more than 100 years. Virtually all OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) around the world value us as a reliable long-term business partner. They profit from our global production network, which delivers high-performance, durable and competitive products with uniform quality standards. We combine global customer teams with on-site application development and local partners. From the performance specification to the start-of-production and post-series support: We are at your service to shape the future of mobility together!

Boost Recuperation Machine

A miracle of efficiency.

Our Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) transforms any conventional internal combustion engine into an efficient mild-hybrid with minimal effort: by replacing the 12-volt generator with the 48V BRM, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 15%.

The EU has officially recognized the BRM as an eco-innovation, which enables manufacturers to receive an additional CO2 credit and further reduce their fleet consumption.

Details on our BRM
SEG Automotive BRM low temperature testing


Our power plants.

SEG Automotive offers a broad range of high efficiency generators for any power requirements, which keep the vehicle’s electrical system stable despite a growing number of electrical consumers and contribute to reaching CO2 targets.

Details on our generators
SEG Automotive generators detail

Starter Motors

We get you on the move.

Reliable start at desert or arctic temperatures, in start/stop mode at high speeds or with frequent re-starts for delivery vehicles: Our starter motors for passenger car and commercial vehicle satisfy even the toughest demands.

Details on our starter motors
SEG Automotive Starter Motors Production