Detailed information on the transformation of mobility and 48V

Mobility and the automotive industry are in the middle of their greatest transformation. To mitigate climate change, emissions from passenger cars and commercial vehicles have to be reduced quickly and ultimately eliminated completely.

But, as many things in life, this transformation of the automotive industry is not all black and white – we cannot simply replace the entire current vehicle fleet with battery electric vehicles in a heartbeat. SEG Automotive’s team of market and product experts has now compiled a comprehensive, balanced overview of the challenges, opportunities and roadmap on the way to electrification and zero emissions. Find out more on our information page aboutwhy and how the automotive industry must change.

“From our point of view, the automotive industry's contribution to saving the world's climate is essential and absolutely feasible,” says Rüdiger Benz, Senior Vice President Engineering at SEG Automotive. “Not by one player alone – but with partnerships and joint solutions, we can achieve the necessary successes quickly and sustainably reduce CO2 emissions. We are ready to step up to the great responsibility – and opportunity – to shape the future of mobility.”

In the medium term, one technology that can greatly reduce the overall impact of mobility on climate change is 48V hybridization. In our definitive guide on 48V mild hybridization, you can learn about what makes this solution attractive for carmarkers, consumers and from an environmental point of view.

Rüdiger Benz, Senior Vice President Engineering at supplier SEG Automotive
Rüdiger Benz, Senior Vice President Engineering at SEG Automotive.