We are your full-service provider for high voltage automotive e-machines – from design to series production.

A modern vehicle uses a variety of e-machines. Most of them perform their work inconspicuously in auxiliary units, while the greatest focus is now on the electric drive. They all share the need to work with maximum efficiency.

Worldwide, legislation like the "Green Deal" in the European Union supports and forces a clear path towards zero emissions. Especially for passenger cars, this requires electrifying the powertrain. SEG Automotive supports this transformation of the automotive industry with our sound knowledge of automotive technology and market requirements, as well as our broad range of highly efficient e-machines.

This efficiency is critical for electric mobility since it directly affects the driving range of any PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) or BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). In this context, our scalable e-machine traction platform and high-performance toolchain allow us to tailor our solutions to every specific customer application. With reliable industrialization and economies of scale, we offer customized, highly efficient e-machines at competitive prices.

As the change towards an electrified future does not stop with e-engines, we also provide smart e-machine solutions for auxiliaries like air-conditioning compressors.

Whatever your e-machine need, we have got you covered. Our service portofolio includes designing an industrialization concept for your existing e-machine concept or manufacturing it on our production lines.