SEG Automotive celebrates innovations with Electrification Days

  • Global supplier already in series production for 800V components
  • Light Electric Mobility solutions for two-, three-, and four-wheelers in high demand
  • Successful start into pedelec and e-cargo-bike markets
  • Rapid transformation from hardware manufacturer into mechatronics company

Climate change and the transformation of mobility require new solutions and high speed. Global supplier SEG Automotive is taking this challenge as an opportunity to bring its expertise to new markets and business fields, as evidenced by successful entries into the high voltage, light electric mobility and pedelec/e-bike markets.

To showcase these innovations to customers, media and employees, SEG Automotive has begun celebrating Electrification Days in all its locations.

Since 1913, SEG Automotive’s history has been closely interwoven with making combustion engine vehicles more reliable and efficient – powering over 300 million vehicles on the road today. But ever since becoming an independent company in 2017, the innovation speed of the Germany-based global supplier has picked up tremendously.

“In 2022 we boldly proclaimed that we see ourselves as ‘The motor for the mobility of today and tomorrow’,” reflects CEO Ferdinando Sorrentino. “Two years later I can confidently say that we will power even more of your daily mobility in the future – fully electric and emission-free: From high voltage engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, e-drives for motor-cycles or e-rickshaws, to motors for e-bikes.”

Over the last couple of years, SEG Automotive has brought to the market solutions for all these segments. The tier 1 supplier has also left behind its history as a pure hardware manufacturer, turning into a true mechatronics company that can provide full system solutions including software and electronics.

The recipe for success, according to Sorrentino: “We bundle a global production network and 100 years of e-machine and manufacturing competence in a mid-sized company. Acting as #OneTeamOneCompany, our unique people around the world have seized new opportunities with passion, expertise, and customer focus .” All these solutions are available to see and interact with in the travelling E-Days exhibition, which will visit all major SEG Automotive locations over the course of the year.

High Voltage: Series production in full swing, flexible 3-in-1 solution

For high voltage electrification of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, SEG Automotive has developed and brought into series production a flexible platform that can cover a wide range of application cases, ranging up to 800V and 150kW continuous power.

Depending on the customer needs, we are able to deliver individual components (like stator and rotor), or a full system solution – including Electronics & software made in-house.

Light electric mobility: Technology leader for a growing segment

Moving beyond the traditional automotive business, SEG Automotive has turned into a frontrunner in the growing business of electrifying light electric vehicles. What started as a local development in India to reduce urban pollution and CO2 emissions by rickshaws and other two- and three-wheelers has turned into a global business field. In the LEM category, we leverage our tried and true development and industrialization expertise to offer different market-tailored solutions – from ‘classic’ e-machines to hub motors, powering also motorcycles in Europe and even the mini-EVs of a major global OEM.

Pedelecs & e-cargo-bikes: Successful market entry, new products ready to launch

Taking our vision of being the motor for all kinds of mobility literally, SEG Automotive successfully stepped into the market of e-bike motors as a partner of legendary Spanish manufacturer BH bike. Designed, developed and produced in SEG Automotive’s plant in Treto, Cantabria, the mid-engine weighs in at less than 2.6kg and sports a peak power of 600W with 400% maximum support. All performance numbers can be tailored to the customer's individual needs – as can the housing design and the software. And for bigger bikes, we also brought an E-Cargo-Axle into series production in India.

Conventional business: Last man standing with CO2-saving solutions

Despite all the momentum for full electrified vehicles, up to one billion vehicles with a combustion engines might still be produced across the globe. It is crucial to minimize their CO2 emissions – to which SEG Automotive is a key contributor, aiming to be the last man standing for the ICE business. Compared to conventional products, our starter motors, generators and 48V Boost Recuperation Machines save over 16 million tons of CO2 in the cars and trucks on the road today.

Christoph Hoelzl, Press Officer, SEG Automotive

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