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Who we are.

Who we are.

We have made it our mission to contribute to climate protection by significantly reducing CO2 emissions across powertrain technologies – from both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

On this path, our actions are characterized by four guiding principles.


PASSION for Innovation: We electrify our customers with our development competence and ability to innovate. We are driving innovation as the technology leader in our industry for more than a century. Our solutions support the transition towards more efficient combustion engines, 48V hybrids and electrification.


Operational EXCELLENCE: We deliver high-performance, durable and competitive products and solutions with robust processes and uniform global quality standards.


Global STRENGTH: The foundation of our success are our diverse, cross-cultural and international teams. We have an efficient global network throughout the value chain – with close proximity to our customers across the world.


COMMITMENT to our Responsibility: We care – for our customers and suppliers, our employees and the environment. We are dedicated to being a reliable, long-term business partner with sustainable economic success. We create opportunities for personal development and international career advancement for our associates.

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What we do.


What we do.

Mobility starts with us.


SEG Automotive is a leading global supplier. Accordingly, almost all major car makers rely on our products to power their vehicles. 

Our starter motors ensure you can reliably begin your journey and they withstand even the toughest conditions. With our advanced start/stop solutions, you can save both fuel and CO2 emissions.

During the ride, our generators deliver a stable energy supply to the growing number of electronic consumers, providing you safety (like ABS and automated driving functions) and comfort (like A/C or navigation). Their high efficiency further decreases the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

We also offer vehicle manufacturers an efficient and highly cost-effective entry into the world of hybridization with our 48 volt Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM): It regenerates braking energy both to boost the engine and reduce fuel consumption.

In parallel, we are investing heavily into further expanding our product portfolio for 48V mild-hybridization and high voltage electrification.

Our team.

Our team.

Our customer-focused solutions and global strength are the result of an international team of over 8,000 employees in 14 countries dedicated to success.

SEG Automotive combines the advantages of global player with the short decision paths and culture of a mid-sized company. This enables everyone to take an active role in shaping our company and the future of the automotive industry. A high degree of trust, responsibility and international opportunities give every employee the chance to take charge of their career and personal growth.

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How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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