We keep our customers moving, ever since inventing the starter motor in 1914. Founded in 2018 as SEG Automotive while emerging from the well-established Starter Motors and Generators division of the Bosch group, we represent more than 100 years of manufacturing competence.

Years of experience and our technical know-how are dedicated to one clear mindset of engineering quality.

As Tier1 manufacturer we provide new and remanufactured starter motors, alternators and 48V Boost Recuperation Machines (BRM), transferring our full OE expertise to the aftermarket.

This enables us to cover a wide range of applications in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles on and off the road.

Today we are among the leading OE manufacturers of starter motors and alternators worldwide inspiring us to translate this success story to the aftermarket business.

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Mobility starts with us – for more than 100 years.

Our starter motors support consistently smooth, quiet, fuel-saving and CO reducing engine operations. From the cold north of the polar circle to the heat of the desert, throughout the humid climate at the equator, high durability and functional flexibility are key elements of our products in such mixed environments. Compact dimensions and reduced weight allow for quick and easy exchange in a comprehensive selection of passenger cars.

Dust, mud, water and other adverse conditions are challenges easily mastered by our starter motors for the heavy commercial vehicle line up. With their robust design and strong power transmission they are the perfect choice in any tough situation.

Power on.

Charge with efficiency – our power plants.

Our alternators reliably energize vehicle electric systems handling an increasing number of electrical consumer applications in modern vehicles. We supply the power to run air conditions as well as safety and entertainment systems, keeping the driver focused and ensuring a safe enjoyable ride.

Highest efficiency, comfortable noise levels and optimized weight are central attributes of our passenger car alternators, whilst our commercial vehicle alternators are specifically developed to withstand any demanding heavy-duty use – making life easier for professional drivers and operators worldwide.

Boost experience.

For higher demands – our 48V mild hybrid technology.

Our 48V Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) is the access to the electrification of the power train. With minimal effort, the BRM transforms any combustion engine into a mild hybrid system. The underlying technology is reminiscent of a conventional alternator complemented by an inverter.

Features such as brake energy recuperation, coasting with the engine turned off, a powerful 48V boardnet, and a significant efficiency improvement enlarge the abilities of the conventional combustion engine. Along with the increasing adoption of 48V mild hybrid technology across various vehicle brands and types on the road, our BRM is the ideal choice to meet any demand in the aftermarket.

SEG Automotive Aftermarket.

Shaping the past, present and future of mobility – also in the spare parts segment.

SEG Automotive Aftermarket is your partner of choice as one of the leading Tier1 manufacturers for rotating machines in every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle. Our global presence and primarily local production guarantee short transport routes and high product quality from our original equipment lines.

Accompanied by our disposable stock we ensure favorable lead times. All our actions aiming at the goal of keeping our customers moving.

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