One platform for various applications: our flexible high voltage e-machine traction platform

Tailorable to any powertrain: Our scalable high voltage e-machine traction platform allows for fast customization of power and package dimensions to a wide range of electrification requirements.

Our portfolio ranges from 48V gearbox integrated e-machines for PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle), up to 800V e-machines for powering BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), to anything in between.

From power class and torque to the cooling concept: We can individually adjust many parameters to your specific requirements, while maintaining the same outstanding level of quality, reliability and economies of scale. This can include, for example, supplying subassemblies or single components rather than the entire e-machine.

High Voltage E-machines

High voltage e-machine traction platform

  • Highest machine efficiency and power density enabling extended driving range
  • E-machines classes for various powertrains e.g. 15, 150 and 260kW
  • Scalable output power, flexible speed-torque performance
  • Optimized electromagnetic design for better Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) performance
  • Oil or water cooled
  • Powerful design process in place creating customized e-machines
  • Flexible production concept handles different types of e-machines
  • Delivery scope includes entire e-machines, subassemblies and components