SEG Automotive to supply BH Bikes with its new electric bicycle motor

  • Leading automotive supplier of e-machines enters the market for bicycle motors.
  • Design, development, and production made in Europe.
  • Mid-drive sports peak power of up to 600W and is highly tailorable to customer needs.

SEG Automotive is a hidden champion of the automotive industry, supplying virtually all major manufacturers and powering over 300 million vehicles on the road today with their e-machines. Now, the Germany-based global company is entering the market for electric bicycle motors as a partner of legendary Spanish manufacturer BH bikes.

It is a mid-drive for bicycles with a compact design and optimal integration into the frame. Weighing in at less than 2.6kg and equipped with a 36V battery, the motor sports a peak power of 600W and up to 400% maximum support. All performance numbers can be tailored to the customer's individual needs – as can the housing design and the software.

Tradition meets reliability for ultimate riding pleasure

BH Bikes is one of the leading Spanish manufacturers and an international household name. “Like us, SEG Automotive has a history of performance, reliability, and competitiveness dating back over 100 years,” states BH Bikes. “Having such a strong partner close to us, with this level of experience in highly efficient electric motors, gives us the opportunity to continue riding at the front of the e-bike movement.”

The drive units have been designed and developed in SEG Automotive’s plant in Cantabria, Treto – and they will also be produced in this location, which itself has a history of producing electric motors dating back more than 60 years.

Iñaki Calvo, Treto Plant Manager, mentions that they have added key competencies in electronics, hardware and software, which allows them to bring to the market new solutions for sustainable mobility.

"In fact, we are already developing a further evolution of this e-bike drive that is even more compact and efficient – and will bring this solution also to other markets in, and beyond, Europe.”

Driving sustainable mobility

The four-year contract with BH marks SEG Automotive's entry into the electric bicycle market – and is a significant puzzle piece in the company’s vision We are the motor – for the mobility of today and tomorrow.

"SEG Automotive has the know-how, the track record, and the technology to power all kinds of vehicles, and we have been expanding our product portfolio to enable existing and new ways of sustainable mobility,"

Explains Ferdinando Sorrentino, CEO of the German-based company.

In addition to e-drives for cars and commercial vehicles, this also includes dedicated solutions for light electric mobility. On the market already are an engine and electric controller for e-motorbikes, as well as a range of e-motors specifically for the Asian market to power various electric two- and three-wheelers.

Christoph Hoelzl, Press Officer, SEG Automotive

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