High voltage auxiliaries – powering vehicle support functions

The change towards an electrified future goes beyond powertrain electrification. After all, a modern car requires a variety of additional e-machines, e.g. for windshield wipers, pumps, or the air-conditioning compressor. In an all-electric vehicle, the performance and efficiency of these e-machines directly influences driving range and experience.

At SEG Automotive, we employ our long time experience in developing automotive e-machines to also offer tailored solutions for auxiliaries. With compact packaging and high flexibility in terms of voltage level and as output power, our e-machines for auxiliaries can cover a wide range of application requirements.

High Voltage Auxiliaries

High voltage e-machines for auxiliaries

  • Highest machine efficiency and power density allowing very compact packaging
  • Customized e-machines for various application and voltage level
  • Scalable output power, flexible speed-torque performance
  • Optimized electromagnetic design for better Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) performance
  • Oil or water cooled, or others depending on use case (e.g. AC compressor)
  • Powerful design process in place creating customized e-machines
  • Flexible production concept handles different types of e-machines
  • Delivery scope includes entire e-machines, subassemblies and components