A miracle of efficiency.

Our Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) transforms any conventional internal combustion engine into an efficient mild hybrid with minimal effort: The 48V BRM replaces the 12V generator on the drive belt (P0 topology), so there is no need for complex and expensive high-voltage protection systems or wiring harnesses.

This “upgrade” from a conventional generator to a BRM creates significant benefits:

  • Recuperation of braking energy to save fuel and CO2 emissions
  • 48V power supply enabling new functions with high energy demand
  • Extra power via electric boosting
  • Comfort start: extremely smooth start/stop operations
  • Coasting at high speeds with the engine turned off

As a result, the BRM offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – up to 15 percent under real world driving conditions. At the same time, it powers an efficient 48V electrical system , which in turn reliably supplies high-performance consumers such as the electronic brake booster or roll stabilizers.

For autonomous driving, the 48V electrical system also ensures the redundancy required to satisfy the safety requirements.

The BRM is so efficient that it has been recognized as an EU eco-innovation. This enables manufacturers to receive an additional credit of up to 1.8g CO2/km (NEDC, ending 2020) and up to 1.4g CO2/km (WLTP, starting 2021) per vehicle.

SEG Automotive BRM low temperature testing
48V Electrification

Electrification of small vehicles.

Employees test EM series e-rickshaw in vehicle in India

In addition to its hybrid application, the BRM also allows smaller city vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles or rickshaws to be powered electrically and therefore emission-free.

This way, the BRM makes an additional and important contribution to reducing air pollution in urban areas from individual and delivery vehicles.