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Engines must start reliably in the most diverse conditions – our vision for over a century. Indeed, our story began in 1914, when we made the first starter motor to be capable of series production, and this remains the basis of high-tech developments today.

Our product range now offers both the world's smallest mass-produced passenger car starter motor (C60 series), and also the powerful C70 starter motor, which can be scaled to 2.0 kW (EF starter motor).
These two platforms form the basis of our fuel-saving SC60 and SC70 starter motors, which are designed specifically for the high number of cycles in start/stop mode.
Alongside the convenient re-start from a standstill or at slow vehicle speed, the performance scope also includes sailing/coasting. The engine cuts out to save fuel and restarts even at almost constant speed up to 100 km/h and way beyond.
Functional enhancements, such as our VQF (Voltage Quality Feature), for limiting the voltage drop when starting permit an application tailored precisely to requirements.
In the commercial vehicle sector, our electrically-excited HEF and HX starter motors fulfill the highest performance requirements for 12 and 24 volts.
Our customers as well as car buyers benefit from our experience in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. We combine robustness and compact dimensions and achieve economies of scale in production.

Starter Motors Product Overview