The miracle of efficiency


The miracle of efficiency

Our Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) transforms a conventional internal combustion engine, with minor modifications to the engine and the wiring, into a hybrid drive – thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%.


With a 48 volt mild hybrid there is no need for high-voltage protection or wiring harnesses.
The BRM is positioned on the belt itself (P0 topology), next to the engine, and replaces the generator in its assembly space.

The performance range is immense for the simplest integration:

  • Recuperates energy, saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions
  • Introduces 48V power supply and enables new functions with high energy demand
  • Extra power via electric boosting
  • Smooth and fast engine start, coasting
  • Hybrid or air cooling
  • Compact packaging and integrated electronics

As a result, the BRM makes a significant contribution to saving fuel and hence reducing CO2 emissions. It also guarantees a powerful 48 volt electrical system, which is able to supply other sophisticated consumers such as roll stabilizers or electric brake force boosters.
In autonomous driving mode, the auxiliary 48 volt electrical system ultimately ensures the redundancy required to satisfy the safety requirements.

Electrification of small vehicles

Electrification of small vehicles

In addition to its hybrid application, the BRM also enables the full electrification of smaller vehicles. No matter whether four-wheeled lightweight or two or three wheeled vehicles – one or two BRM onboard permit a completely emission-free drive.

Especially in light of increasing emission controls in city centers, this enables us to offer our customers an efficient drive solution for urban individual and delivery vehicles.