Our power plant


Our power plant

Most vehicles will continue to be powered by an internal combustion engine for the foreseeable future. Yet, without electric current, they cannot go anywhere. From the starter motor and engine control unit, an increasing number of electrical consumers are supplied via the vehicle's electrical system. Including ABS, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) , sensors and safety assistants, as well as the entertainment system, for instance.

Our products reliably cover not only the vehicle's higher performance requirements: Compliance with the increasingly stringent CO2 directives is also achieved with scalable efficiency options. We also offer noise-optimized versions of our premium generators.
Our compact and effective winding technologies reduce dimensions and weight, while improving performance and efficiency.
For the demanding use in commercial vehicles, we offer extremely robust variants of our efficient generators, which enable fuel savings even in continuous operation under the harshest environmental conditions.

Alternators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles