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Whitepaper: Transformation of the powertrain

Whitepaper: Transformation of the powertrain

The transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles plays an important role on a global scale in mitigating man-made climate change. However, this transformation will not take place suddenly, but gradually and that makes sense ecologically. In many markets, including China, India, the USA and Germany, electric cars are not necessarily beneficial for the climate at present and in the medium term. Instead, they can even cause up to 30% more CO2 emissions than combustion engines. This is the result of an extensive market evaluation conducted by SEG Automotive based on independent sources. The analysis is now available free of charge in the form of a whitepaper, which you can download here.

Download your copy of the whitepaper for free and find out:

  • How quickly will e-mobility establish itself?
  • How environmentally friendly are electric cars today compared to conventional engines?
  • How does the situation look like from a consumer point of view, especially in regards to costs and usability?
  • What short-term solutions are available to significantly reduce CO2 emissions even before the breakthrough of e-mobility?
  • What is the situation in different key markets like China, Europe, USA and India?